Alston & Bird Hosts Webinar on Binding Corporate Rules – The Benefits Go Far Beyond Data Transfers

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Binding corporate rules (BCRs) are a legally recognized mechanism that facilitate intra-group transfers of personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) to the rest of the world. Adopting BCRs not only allows for the free flow of information across an organization but also builds a strong digital culture which is crucial in this data intensive world.

On Nov. 7th at 1-2 pm ET, join partners Jan Dhont and Jim Harvey, and senior counsel Peter Swire in an engaging discussion on the evolution of BCRs, the path to BCRs (including the application process), and the realities of embedding the elements of BCRs into an organization. This webinar is useful for those contemplating BCRs as well as for those who have already adopted BCRs.

About BCRs

In December 2005, the first BCRs were approved. Since then, BCRs have increasingly gained recognition as a mechanism for intra-group data transfers from EEA entities to non-EEA entities. Art. 47 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solidifies the validity of BCRs as a transfer mechanism for both data controllers and data processors in addition to simplifying the approval process. Organizations who have adopted BCRs will need to ensure their BCRs incorporate the Art. 47 requirements as further clarified in guidelines provided by European authorities.

BCRs offer a flexible, scalable and future-proof privacy compliance solution:

  • BCRs provide a bespoke framework that accommodate the nature, scope, and complexity of an organization. BCRs can be structured to be adaptive to organizational changes and any modifications to data flows.
  • BCRs serve as the foundation for a comprehensive privacy program driving an organization’s GDPR compliance and compliance with emerging local laws. BCRs drive positive change in an organization’s culture and help define an organization’s privacy processes and procedures.
  • BCRs signal corporate responsibility. BCRs demonstrate an organization’s commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy rights and freedoms to employees, business partners and customers.

To learn more about the webinar including how to register, please click here. CLE credit is offered.